Lining Up

Sandra Litter 2017 MitzixArchie, Nursery photos

A wee line-up of brand new puppies – one day old, and already you can see their pleasure in finding mum’s nipple and having warm milk to drink. They wag their tails, use their paws to knead the breast, use their nose to burrow through the pile of puppies to get where they want. Already they do so much more …

Already dogs

Sandra Litter 2016 MitzixArchie

The 2016 litter are four weeks old, and they already act like dogs – barking, running, asking for cuddles … they’re SO CUTE!!

Puppy sleep

Sandra Litter 2016 MitzixArchie

A newborn pup is either sleeping or feeding. When they sleep they get walked on, lay on, and roll around all without waking up. Aamzing.

Proud mum again

Sandra Litter 2016 MitzixArchie, Mitzi

Mitzi with her 2nd litter, born April 2016 – eight week babies, five girls and three boys. All good weights, between 340 and 380 grams. Labour took from 10am till approx 3.30pm. The only slightly long labour was with the last one, a 380 gram boy. Mitzi was obviously experienced this time, and seemed to take things in her stride. …