Luv You Mum

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie, Mitzi

Mitzi takes a very active interest in the pups right until they leave to go to their homes. When they’re old enough she starts playing with them. She teaches them doggy manners. And all sorts of other things. She’s the best mum a little puppy could ask for.

Groodle gang 2016

Sandra Litter 2016 MitzixArchie, Mitzi

Here they are – arrived Monday 18th April 2016. They all weigh in between 340 and 380 grams, five girls and three boys. Girls rule this year!! They’re all healthy, sucking well, moving around and happy to be with each other and their mum. Nothing’s a problem when you’re Mitzi’s puppy, she’s SUCH a good mother.

Rainbow at the beach

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi out and about

We took Mitzi with her rainbow mo-halk to the beach. It was the weekend, and there were quite a few people around, and Mitzi got A LOT of attention. It was like you see on TV where people give someone really funny looks because they’re doing something totally strange, only they were giving the looks to us haha. Mitzi played …

Rainbow Mitzi

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi out and about

Danielle was living with me and Mitzi for a while in 2014 while recovering from a car accident. She was terribly bored. She bought dog-friendly chalk, gave her a mo-hawk hair cut, then painted her like a rainbow … I have to admit she did a great job, and Mitzi liked all the attention.

Mitzi starts loving mess

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi as a puppy, Mitzi With Friends

Mitzi was very young when I first saw her tendency to love getting messy – here she is having gotten a thoroughly messy snout after sharing some yummy nosh with her mate Otis. She remains a mud rat to this day – actively searching out the messiest places on any walk and rolling in anything and everything. Not the best …

Mitzi 13 weeks sharing with Otis

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi as a puppy, Mitzi With Friends

Mitzi at 13 weeks, sharing some yummy dosh with her best friend Otis. Otis was a gentle and unfortunately blind Staffy boy. Mitzi grew up with him and was very sensitive to his condition. She learnt how to play with him despite his disability, jumping around from one place to another and barking so he’d know where she was. They …

Mitzi’s first vet trip

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi as a puppy

Guess what was going on when Mitzi had her first vet trip on Waiheke Island? Yes, the rugby world cup, 2011. Mitzi was a model for the puppy rugby shirts. The only time she’s ever been dressed in clothes!! Luckily she didn’t know any better, otherwise she might have given me a serious talking to about what type of vet …

Mitzi on the first day with me

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi as a puppy

Mitzi on her first day with me – exhausted from being stressed, sleeping in the front seat of the car on the way home. I didn’t know at the time but she’d had very little people contact for the first 11 weeks of her life (she was 11 weeks when I got her). See other 11 week photo for more …

Mitzi at 11 weeks old

Sandra Mitzi, Mitzi as a puppy

Mitzi at 11 weeks. This was also the first day we met, when I picked her up to take her home. There had been a problem with the people who were originally taking her. I don’t know what that problem was, but when I got her she wasn’t used to human company and was very distressed. She spent the whole …