Sleepy Puppy

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

A 7 week old groodle dead to the world. They sleep like nothing else. So many activities to file away in their memories I guess, so many dreams to have. It takes a lot to disturb the sleep of a worn-out puppy.

Groodle line-up

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie Leave a Comment

A line-up of baby groodles. What a great sight!! They’re 7 weeks old here. The summer weather was great most of the time, and the pups found the ideal place to cool off in the middle of the day. Pizza oven wood had to make way for a much more worthy cause.

Scan 2017 litter

Sandra Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

The first picture of the puppies is the scan. The vet said more than 5 puppies, but wouldn’t say how many more. I was just happy everything looked good and normal!

After a Bath

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

Yella Bella after a bath. She’s about 7 weeks here. The day turned a bit cool, so after the bath – made necessary by the combination of tipping over the water bowl and digging a hole under the tree – Yella Bella was perfectly happy to stay snuggled up in her towel as she watched the antics of the others.

Tug of War

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie Leave a Comment

This play house created endless opportunities for games with the 2017 litter. Here are two of them at 7 weeks, playing tug of war with a sock. I’m not sure if a sock was the best idea for a puppy toy, as Neika (the puppy I kept) gets hold of any sock left within reach and races around the house …

Bottoms Up

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

At just under 5 weeks old, the need to explore EVERY single space to see what can be licked, bitten, chewed, smelt, seen etc etc is incredibly strong. It’s no wonder they get worn out and need to nap so often!

Lining Up

Sandra Litter 2017 MitzixArchie, Nursery photos

A wee line-up of brand new puppies – one day old, and already you can see their pleasure in finding mum’s nipple and having warm milk to drink. They wag their tails, use their paws to knead the breast, use their nose to burrow through the pile of puppies to get where they want. Already they do so much more …