Who’s is it?

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

Who’s is it?? Once they start eating food they really like, they discover that sharing isn’t always what they want to do. Certainly not what either of these two want to do.

Neck Feast

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

Puppies eating lunch – chicken necks are their favourites. The cushion is their trampoline, the box is their play hut. It doesn’t take much to keep puppies really happy – just like little human babies. It’s the simple things, plus lots of love. Oh, and lots of chicken necks!

Luv You Mum

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie, Mitzi

Mitzi takes a very active interest in the pups right until they leave to go to their homes. When they’re old enough she starts playing with them. She teaches them doggy manners. And all sorts of other things. She’s the best mum a little puppy could ask for.


Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

Mitzi is SUCH a good mother, most mums would stop cleaning their puppy’s bottoms once they start on solids, but here is Mitzi cleaning her puppy’s bottom when the pup is weaned and nearly ready to go to his home. She cleans her puppy’s bottom any chance she gets – even visits to their homes a month or two later!


Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie

This little guy from the 2017 litter got his name very early, so he didn’t get a litter name, and was just called Chachi from the outset. He was a very active little chap, always in for a play fight with the big boys, and loved playing with Yella Bella. A real character. When he got to his home, they …

Lunch Break

Sandra 4-8 weeks, Litter 2017 MitzixArchie Leave a Comment

The 2017 litter having a lunch break. 7 weeks old here. Lunch consisted of cut up bits of fish and chicken necks. I think the chicken necks were the favourite for everyone. It’s amazing how many necks one little 7 week old can eat!