Alfie 5 months

Sandra From families, Litter 2015 MitzixArchie

Here’s a good shot to see Alfie’s coat. He is the only one of the litter to have a different coat. The undercoat is shorter – still very thick and soft though. It’s possible he will end up looking more like a retriever than his brothers and sister.

Alfie aka Mr Little arrives home

Sandra From families, Litter 2015 MitzixArchie

Here’s the baby of the 2015 litter – Mr Little – arriving at his new home and meeting two of the children. He flew to Wellington with apparently no signs of distress at all, in fact he fell asleep during check-in. The whole thing was more exhausting for the human I think, a very long day 🙂

Misha cuddled up

Sandra Litter 2015 MitzixArchie, Misha

Misha at nine months cuddled up on my bed. She has that habit of sitting down just where I’ve been sitting whether I want her there or not – and she always looks really happy about it too … Isn’t her shaggy face adorable? Or is it just me?