Introducing the parents …

Mitzi – retired and now a grandmama!

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Mitzi spends most days filled with the joy of life, and is a happy and contented soul. She loves beach and park walks, especially with her doggy friends, and she expecially loves mud. She is extremely loyal to her family and friends. If she hasn’t seen a loved one for a while they’re greeted with a long session of grinning, wagging and wriggling. She’s quite shy around people she doesn’t know, and takes a while to accept new people. Mitzi is naturally empathetic, taking care and paying attention to the needs and mood of others. Her true love is Hunter (shown here) and they don’t let the little matter of a sperm donor (Archie) come between them. She has been the most amazing mother, and after 24 healthy puppies she is now retired and waiting to enjoy her grandpuppies.


  • Bred at Labradoodleland Northland
  • Born July 2011
  • Mum Fran, dad Lochie
  • Coat type – thick fleece, non-shedding
  • Weight – 18.5kg


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Archie is a pedigree golden retriever with a well rounded and loving personality. He is confident, obedient, and even tempered. He is great around children and cats, and loves meeting up with old and new friends, both human and canine. His dad had a string of awards from dog shows, and there’s also a well-founded rumour that dad was in dog food commercials, so was a bit of a glamour boy in his day. Archie is wildly in love with Mitzi, but unfortunately for him, Mitzi is really only interested in Archie for his looks and vigour – in other words, only when she’s in season. This confuses Archie no end, but he has the loyalty retrievers are well known for and isn’t giving up!!


  • Bred in Auckland
  • Born August 2010
  • Kennel name ‘Archer Hero of Somerhaven’
  • Mum Sky, dad Azra (Chambermere Ezra Holy Whisper)
  • Coat type – hair, shedding (normal retriever coat)
  • Weight – 38kg

Neika is a new mum – daughter of Mitzi and Archie

  • Neika with mum Mitzi at 8 weeks

  • Doing a rug imitation 4 months

  • Demonstrating a Groodles love of mud – 5 months

  • 8 months and a coat full of ringlets

  • Relaxing

  • Hogging the pillows – she loves bed snuggles

  • Oh the wind in your hair … and face!!

  • Clipped for summer and playing with the new pups

Neika is a new mum, daughter of Mitzi and Archie from their 3rd litter. She looks the most like her mum of all Mitzi’s pups, and has a lot of her dad in her personality. She is the most amazing companion. She is loving, extremely cuddly, very easy to train, full of play and fun, and loves trying out different types of food. Her current favourite is banana. She gave Mitzi a pretty hard time as a pup, making her play play play!! She’s proved to be an amazing mum with her first litter of eight wee black groodles, and we’re looking forward to many more little Groodle Gangs to come from this wonderful girl.


  • Bred by Groodles Inc
  • Born January 2017
  • Mum Mitzi, Dad Archie
  • Coat type – light fleece, non-shedding
  • Weight – 22kg

Ronnie the Super Stud – new to the game and already an expert

Mr Cuddles, Ronnie loves nothing more than to be constantly cuddled and played with. Loves the girls too. He’s new to this stud business, and is amazingly proficient. Ronnie is great with children and enjoys socialising with other dogs. He regularly visits me and the girls and is always keen for a run, a play, a cuddle, or really anything that’s going. Very easy nature, a delight to have around, his pups are going to be awesome!!


  • Bred in Auckland, lives in Tauranga
  • Born June 2018
  • Mum Yo-Yo from SI, Dad Yogurt from Palerston North
  • Medium sized Standard Poodle
  • Coat type – wool, non-shedding
  • Weight – 26kg