Recent Litters


Neika and Ronnie 2019 – 2020

Neika is the daughter of Mitzi and Archie. She has a delightful mix of both their personalities. She is gentle, loving, and sensitive like her mum, and outgoing, people/dog loving and crazy for fun like her dad. She has inherited her mother’s maternal instincts too. Ronnie is an apricot standard poodle who’s keen to get involved in whatever’s going on – playing, cuddling, road trips, cuddling … oh does he love cuddles!!
There have been two litters born May 2019 and March 2020. The pups have weighed between 24 to 35kg with a mix of cream/apricot and cream/gold colouring.Coats have been either a light soft wool or fleece.

Past Litters


Mitzi and Archie

Mitzi and Archie have quite a family. They’ve been honeymooned 4 times now, with 4 successful pregnancies. There are now 24 of their pups spread from Auckland’s north shore right down to Dunedin. Mitzi has proved to be a fantastic mum who’s nurturing instincts are perfect. She fed her pups as long as possible, normally about 6 weeks. She cleaned, loved and played with her pups until the day they left. After putting a lot of time and energy into her four litters Mitzi has now gone into Mummy retirement since her last litter went to their homes in December 2017. These pups grew mostly into large dogs, although the range was between 16 and 35kg. The majority had non- to low-shedding hair coats with thick fleecy undercoats, and a few had fleece coats.

Born 16 January 2017

The latest litter was born to Mitzi (mum) and Archie (dad) on the 16th January 2017. This was their 3rd litter together. There were 7 puppies, 4 girls and 3 boys. Weights ranged from 300 to 380g at birth. These pups were summer babies, so their babyhood was filled with sun, swimming and long days exploring in the great outdoors.


Puppies arrived on time and Mtizi again did a perfect job. She’s such a great mum, loves it too!

4 days old, feeding and growing, already have their own little personalities if you look hard

1 week and they are getting good at crawling, and really love snuggling the soft toys in the whelping box

2 weeks, eyes and ears open and just starting to totter around on all fours, and the playing starts now

37 days and they’re real little dogs now with super adorable eye lashes, noses, eyes …

43 days old, and the world is there for their entertainment … every move is a delight to watch

Learning about sharing … fish and chicken necks was the favourite meal of the day for these babes

Fun and laughs in the last couple of days before these bundles go out into the world to share the love


Born 18th April 2016

The second litter from Mitzi and Archie were born 18th April 2016, 8 lovely healthy puppies, 3 boys and 5 girls. Girls rule this time!! Most of the puppies went to people on a wait list, so there were some excited txts and phone calls going back and forward as labour progressed and first photos were taken. This litter were winter babes, but the weather didn’t stop them having a ball, they just did it in a muddier and wetter way!! This was the last Waiheke Island litter, soon after we all packed up and moved to Tauranga.

Just born,what a surprise when 8 puppies arrived!

2 days old, and they’re seriously good at feeding and sleeping

1 week and having trouble all fitting in to feed as they’ve already doubled in size

2 weeks, they can see and hear and they’ve already started the serious work of playing

At 5 weeks this puppy is just starting to show the curls that are going to cover her all over

At 6 weeks, the havoc begins, and anything left in reach gets the royal puppy treatment

7 weeks and these pups are gorgeous little dogs that attract everyone’s attention

Soon their time with us is over, and they’re off into the world to bring love and smiles to their families

Born 23 June 2015

The first litter born to Mitzi (mum) and Archie (dad). There were 5 pups, one girl and 4 boys. Pups ranged in weight from 300 – 400g at birth, so all a good weight. They were all the same colour too, a beautiful gold and cream. They had lovely soft undercoats, and all developed a long 2nd coat on top that was cream and gold. Some coats faded to mainly cream as the dogs matured due to the poodle colour-fade gene.


Just born, the pups are snuggled along Mitzi’s side and front

2 days old, already wagging their tails when they feed

Sleeping on his back … I think he gets this from his mum

2½ weeks, walking but a bit wobbly, they’re now exploring their room

4 weeks, moved to the living room, and trying out some minced chicken. Do you think they like it? Sorry mum … we/re moving on haha

6 weeks, and today we discovered grass, the garden, rain, mud … and baths. What a day. Gonna do it again tomorrow!!

7 weeks and super cute people magnets … soft fluffy coats, big brown eyes, long eye lashes, can’t help but love them

8 weeks, and having a last play with mum before going to their new homes. Mitzi has loved being a mum so much