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There is a lot of talk about how you don’t know what you’re getting with a cross-bred dog, and also talk about how cross-bred dogs are healthy dogs. What’s true? Well, some of both. Here is an explanation of the basics of how genetics work, why knowing about the genes matters, and what’s good about cross-bred dogs like groodles.

Growing Groodles

The first weeks of a puppy’s life are critical and have a big influence on the type of dog it will become. Find out how we raise our puppies, what’s happening at different times of their development, what they look like at different ages … find out how we grow groodles!!!

Coat Types

The coats of groodles are one of the things that make them fascinating. There are three main coat types they come in, two of which we have at groodles inc. See how they look, read about maintenance and health tips for each one.


Every dog breeder has their way of going about choosing families to place their puppies with, and we do too. We like to do everything we can to make sure the puppy is going to a good stable home. We also want to make sure the puppy you get is the one that best suits your family and lifestyle. Find out here what we do …