Yes new puppies!!!!!

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It’s official – new puppies arriving in January!!! Mitzi was SO funny during the scan – the vet said she was being very protective of her belly – as soon as he pressed in to hard with the scanner she moved a bit to take the pressure off so he couldn’t look for puppies higher up – but the verdict …

New Puppies?????

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Things are very exciting in our house at present …. Mitzi has just been through a round of insemination and is very very likely pregnant again!!!! She’s in great condition and a good mood. The dad is Archie again, so pups will be full brothers and sisters to those already out there. They will be due on the 18th January. …

Eight families doing well with their groodles

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All the pups are gone, and I’ve just been phoning and emailing to check on everbody’s progress. I’m happy to say all are doing very well!! I’m hearing fabulous stories of what the puppies are doing. It’s amazing how good the puppies are with children and also with fitting into their different families lifestyles. Groodles are just such good all …

Pups are a month old – 3 still available

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Wow time has gone fast!! These little tiny beings that could be held in the palm of my hand are now little dogs that bark and play with each other and ask for cuddles!!! Mitzi has done a great job feeding them all, and now they’re into real food as well so the pressure’s off for her. She’s been a …

Start of the birth routine

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Things are starting to move in more ways than one. Mitzi’s belly obviously has occupants who wake up and move around. And soon they’ll be in the outside world, their own individual little selves. Mitzi has started countdown to the birth – she’s lost her appetite. This usually happens a few days before the birth, so looks like the estimated …

See the scan!!

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Mitzi’s belly is getting bigger, I’m sure it’s bigger than last time. I felt a wee flutter when I had my hand there a couple of days ago, which might have been a puppy moving, but it might have been gas as well haha. The vet thinks there are probably 7 pups. Mitzi is in her happy preggy fuzz … …

New litter on it’s way

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It’s official – a new litter of groodle puppies is on it’s way!!! Estimated arrival date is 20 April, but may be a day or two later according to the vet. Mum is doing great – very calm and happy

New Puppies??????

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Mitzi has been inseminated again … so there may be new puppies on the way!!! I should know by the end of March if she’s preggers or not, and if she is then the puppies will be due on the 20th April … so stay tuned!!!

Site under development

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Groodles Inc is a boutique groodle breeding kennel located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. This website is currently under development, not quite ready for use in all places, so sorry in advance if something isn’t there or cans out …