Yes new puppies!!!!!

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It’s official – new puppies arriving in January!!!
Mitzi was SO funny during the scan – the vet said she was being very protective of her belly – as soon as he pressed in to hard with the scanner she moved a bit to take the pressure off so he couldn’t look for puppies higher up – but the verdict was definitely more than 5.
Mitzi is a great mum. She knows what’s happening now when she’s pregnant. She stopped jumping into the creek down steep banks very early on – obviously being protective of the wee ones inside. This would have been only 2 or 3 weeks in. Which is great, because if dogs get a hard knock to the belly at this stage a puppy can be damaged and born deformed.
Due date is 18th January.
And here is the first pic of the new puppies – you have to be a dog lover the appreciate this I know – but don’t they look sweet? Haha

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